Our project

The project was born from a reality - the state in which some public spaces of Ushuaia were - and the search for constructive ways to improve the place we live in.
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Cleaning up and making visible

Working in public spaces and raising awareness about the importance of habits and attitudes in the generation, separation and disposal of waste.

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To plant and improve

Promoting the improvement of public spaces, through replanting native species or those easy to adapt to the local climate and actions to improve those places that neighbors cleaned up.


Sharing and multiplying

Adding volunteers to the projet and encouraging others to start their own projects, We also join proposals from other groups and institutions.


Public and social agenda

Identifying problems in the community and proposing solutions.

We do not intend to organize a single group of volunteers to go out and clean different parts of the city. Our aim is to encourage each person to take responsability on the place where they live.

This in no way means excluding those who do not live in the neighborhood in which the activities take place; On the contrary, we celebrate everyone's participation in the activities we propose. However, the main intention is that each participating neighborhood has its own group of committed neighbors. Afterwards, anyone who wants to join is welcome.

What started as a cleaning up activity grew and became a project with continuity. On the basis of the collected waste, we started thinking of specific awareness campaigns (such as the one that seeks to avoid cigarette butts on the ground).

But the clean space was not enough, we also wanted to improve it, and we started A Sembrar Ushuaia, recovering seeds and replanting trees, assembling flower beds.

A Sembrar Ushuaia then led us to schools where we started the project: Sowing awareness in schools, that later became Seeds in the Wind

We know that this initiative continues to evolve. We don't know how far it will go. What we do know is that it is contagious, and we try to participate in workshops, fairs and events in which we can share our volunteer experience, to multiply the initiative and - perhaps -  impulse other groups of volunteers to organize and work to improve the place where they live in.